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Guaranteeing equipment reliability

A constantly evolving sector, the aerospace industry brings together companies of all sizes to develop and build transport aircraft, helicopters, satellites and other aerospace-related products. The sector is one of the largest and most complex in the global economy, and presents many unique challenges.

The Mega Service challenge

One of the biggest challenges in this sector is the need to design and produce aircraft that are more energy-efficient and meet strict standards. The technical complexity of aeronautical products requires close collaboration between the various stakeholders, as well as strong technical expertise to ensure product quality and safety.
Despite these challenges, the aerospace industry continues to grow, and we are here today to help it meet this need for research into new methods and technologies, as well as improving products and making them more accessible to the general public.

In the expertises

  • Engineering and design

    structural calculation and modelling / mechanical simulation / mechanical design / CAD/CAM programming / testing

  • Manufacturing et supply chain

    production engineering / smart manufacturing / supply chain strategy / equipment transfer

  • Quality

    quality performance management / quality assurance and execution

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