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Supporting innovation

The chemical and pharmaceutical sectors face new challenges and opportunities on a regular basis, which is why innovation is key to remaining competitive in this field. We operate as a consultancy and engineering services company, providing expertise in a wide range of areas, including design and engineering, maintenance and production supervision, and project management.

The Mega Service challenge

Two of the major challenges in this sector are the study and constant search for new products and new means of production, as well as the maintenance of existing equipment to guarantee the sustainability of production. This is why we have chosen to focus on these two dimensions: development and maintenance.

In addition, quality and safety standards are becoming increasingly strict, and this represents a major challenge for companies in this sector. So we make it a point of honour to comply with quality and safety standards.

In the expertises

  • Mechanical engineering

    Mechanical design / general installation / product qualification

  • Quality

    Quality control / quality management / quality performance

  • Engineering

    Process / instrumentation / automation

  • Shutdown work

    Preparation / maintenance / supervision

  • Project management

    Planning / HSE / cost control / digitisation / continuous improvement

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