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Increasingly complex challenges

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the development of new production models, the era of Industry 4.0 and the increasing development of competition and regulatory requirements are all challenges facing the automotive and transport sectors. Our teams are doing their utmost to propose innovative solutions that meet the various requirements, by developing lighter and safer vehicles, setting up more resilient and sustainable supply chains, and helping to develop more agile models.

The Mega Service challenge

The quality of the solution is essential in this field, which is why we are committed to managing projects from the idea to industrialisation, by controlling the entire process of the solution designed. We deploy our teams to our customers’ various sites to enable them to adapt our solution to their industrial context.

In the expertises

  • Product development and design

    CAD / calculations and digital simulation / product validation and testing

  • Methods and industrialisation

    Development of manufacturing resources / supplier relations / quality performance management / continuous improvement

  • Project management

    Steering / QCD / Budget management

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