Constant access to resources

The energy sector is facing increasing challenges. In a world in constant demand for reliable and sustainable energy sources, our aim is to support our customers so that they can guarantee the long-term future of energies production. We help to ensure the security of energy production equipment and respond to the need for it to evolve.

The Mega Service challenge

Hydroelectric, nuclear and photovoltaic power are key energy sources for our future, but they also require advanced technical skills for their development and maintenance. That’s why we work to improve and maintain energy equipment and infrastructure, with the aim of guaranteeing safety, reliability and sustainability.

In the expertises

  • Engineering / New works

    instrumentation / electricity / mechanics and special machinery / supervision

  • Quality and safety

    risk prevention / operational safety / quality management

  • Project

    project management / planning and budget monitoring / QCD

  • Operation

    continuous improvement / quality assurance and control / testing and commissioning / preparation and management of shutdowns

  • Supply chain

    Logistics / purchasing / supply management

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