Unwinding machine

Development and design
of a Turbo-Reactor Blade Stripping Machine

On behalf of our customer in the aeronautical sector, we have developed an unscrewing machine from design to solution.

Our deployed professions

Mechanical design engineer
Methods and industrialisation engineer
Calculation engineer
Project managers

Our areas
areas of expertise

Design office
Methods and industrialisation
Aeronautical expertise
Project management

Our projects

  • Drawing up specifications and feasibility studies
  • Choice of hardware design: 2D and 3D drawings, layout, technical documentation
  • Simulations
  • Choice of manufacturing process
  • Test and validation phase
  • Compliance with QCD requirements
  • Choice of suppliers
  • Draw up a quotation including prices and tooling
  • Installation and commissioning of the special machine

The solutions provided by
Mega Service Consulting

Thanks to our multi-disciplinary team of design engineers, we have been able to offer our customers a special machine solution that meets their production needs.

We’re proud that we were able to understand what was at stake in this project and find the best solution.

David Anselmetti