The industry automatisation

Over the years, the industry never stopped to evolute, especially, in its operating modes and used methods. The automatic systems and the production machines are already present since a long time ago in the industry but since recently, it is the robotic and the artificial intelligence that make its entry.

The development of robotics and the AI in Europe

Compared to China or the US where artificial intelligence have already been developed, Europe is late. However, its development, with the robotic is being accelerated. For the EU to participate to the extension of those industries, it is necessary that it promote those new technologies and that it helps to the development of those ones.

The advantages to the use of these technologies in the industry

The use of the robotic and the artificial intelligence allow to high up the productivity while limitating the risks of human mistakes. Those technologies also allow to improve the conditions and working environment of the personal who works in there and does tasks, sometimes, dangerous, which was before made by the humans.

Many are the advantages of AI in the industry. The defaults are diminished which allow a reduction of some costs, data’s are better exploit, robots which are, for instance AI endowed, can make tasks without the need of breaks so there is a time saving and it allow the workers to concentrate on missions that are more important.

Thanks to the evolution of the robotics and the artificial intelligence, new jobs will be created notably in the quality with a better remuneration than traditional jobs and this, will, gradually, incite to this evolution.

What can be the risks

The main risk for the industries, is, of course, the case of machine’s malfunction which can lead to late production with for consequences, a massive loss. In case of too important loss, some jobs can even be found suppress. It is, for example, what happened in the Tesla factory in 2017.

The establishment of those new technologies lead to important costs which can hold back some industries to invest their money in it. Furthermore, the setting of those new technologies must be made progressively with organizational modifications. Formations are necessary in order for the employees to have the essentials skills and knowledges to the use of those technologies, in which case, a decrease of productivity can be expected from the employees part.


To close this subject, the artificial intelligence and the robotic are the future of the industry of tomorrow. These technologies won’t stop to improve, allowing to the industries to be always more performant, efficient, while having less and less risks linked to malfunctions or errors.