Artificial intelligence for human resources: a revolution in the making

The arrival of artificial intelligence has brought about a veritable revolution in many business sectors, and human resources is no exception.

More and more companies are now using AI-based solutions to manage staff, facilitate recruitment and training, and improve existing processes.

We have identified the 6 new AI trends in Human Resources.

Predictive recruitment

AI is used to analyse candidate data such as social network profiles and test results to predict their suitability for a given position. It eliminates certain biases faced by recruiters, and treats applications in a totally objective way: regardless of age, gender or ethnic origin. There is one point of caution, however, and that is that personality can hardly be analysed and studied by an AI, so it is important to always have human contact with a recruiter.

HR chatbots

Chatbots are a technology that can quickly answer simple questions from employees and candidates, saving HR staff time so that they can concentrate on more complex tasks.

Personalised training

AI can be used to create personalised training programmes for employees, based on their individual skills and needs. It can be integrated into the company’s PPIM, or its skills development plan. Online training, training programmes, training content – all of this can be fully customised to enable each individual to take stock and develop their skills according to their needs.

Analysis of employee satisfaction

AI can be used to analyse employee satisfaction survey data and identify trends and specific problems. A simple statistical tool can analyse the data and suggest solutions to HR teams, as well as areas for improvement.

Process automation

Technologies such as AI and machine learning make it possible to automate repetitive administrative tasks, particularly in personnel administration. This frees up HR professionals’ time to focus on more strategic tasks, such as talent acquisition, training and development. Automating HR processes can also improve the efficiency, accuracy and consistency of processes, while reducing the errors and costs associated with manual and repetitive tasks.

Performance management

AI can help assess employee performance and identify opportunities for improvement, creating dashboards and providing personalised feedback with recommendations for professional development.

Ultimately, the use of AI in HR offers huge potential to improve people management and business efficiency. But it must be done responsibly and transparently, bearing in mind the ethical and social issues involved.